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Get Hosting

Cost: $60/yr


  1. Go to
  2. Click GET HOSTING
  3. Under “Advanced” (center choice for $5/mo)>Enter the purchased Domain name.
  4. Check Out
  5. Enter “Your Name” in cPanel username box. Pick something short related to the site. This will be used to login in to cPanel.
  6. Wait for email from Dynadot
  7. Click on cPanel URL> Verify this works.
  8. Follow next post: Setting up WordPress

Install WordPress

Cost: Free


  1. Click Fantastico De Luxe icon: CPanel>Software/Services (Towards the bottom of the page>Fantastico De Luxe>
  2. Click  “WordPress” (Fifth item down on left-hand menu)
  3. Click “New Installation”
  4. Install on domain: Should already be pre-filled with your website
  5. Install in directory: Leave blank
  6. Administrator-username: Enter your name or nickname
  7. Password: Enter secure password
  8. Admin nickname: Leave blank or enter a nickname
  9. Admin e-mail: Use an email from that site
  10. Site name: Should be prefilled to the website
  11. Description: Leave Blank or enter a brief description of the site
  12. Click: “Install WordPress”
  13. Click: “Finish Installation”
  14. Email the details of this installation to: Enter a known good email address, not on this website.
  15. Click: “Send Email”
  16. Verify email was received.
  17. Click: “Back to WordPress overview”
  18. Click “Visit Site”
  19. At lower right on your website, click “Log In”
  20. Start working on your website, explained in future posts.
  21. At this point, can close the original CPanel Window.