1. Sippino 328 Kit: Maker Shed
  2. USB to Serial Cable: SparkFun DEV-09718
  3. (Optional) Break Away Male Headers – Right Angle SparkFun PRT-00553


  1. Solder components to PCA, with exception of Headers. You may want to substitute the right-angle headers for the vertical headers included in the kit. The right-angle headers will let you plug the Sippino into a breadboard vertically, with maximum room left over for your other circuit components. The reference designators are given on the packaging. Just insert the through-hole parts and solder. Note that the long lead of the LED is the “+” side. For more details on soldering, see the detailed app note here:
  2. Plug the USB to Serial Cable into your computer. If necessary, download the drivers from FTDI:
  3. Plug the other end of the cable into the Sippino board. Make sure the black wire goes into the pin with a “B” on the board and the green wire goes into the pin with the “G” on the board.
  4. Start the Arduino application.
  5. Tools>Serial Port>Select the FTDI port
  6. Tools>Board>Arduino Nano w/ ATmega328 seems to work.
  7. Upload your sketch like usual.


  1. When the two pin jumper is installed, the board is powered from the FTDI port. When the jummper is removed, external power must be provided to the “SIP” pin marked +5V

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