Eagle – Schematic Symbol

Symbol (Schematic)

  1. Control Panel>Expand Libraries>Right-click on desired .lbr>Open
  2. Click on Symbol Icon on top tool bar> type name of symbol in New box>Ok
  3. Enter “grid” in top line. In dialog box: Size: 0.1 inch, Multiple: 1, Alt: 0.01

Draw symbol outline

  1. Click Wire on left-hand menu and draw a box (should be on Layer94)

Add Pins

  1. Click Pin on left-hand menu>Click Short on top menu>Place all pins around package
  2. Right-click to rotate pins for the various package sides. The “circle” should go away from the package.

Name Pins

  1. Type “Name” > Click on each pin and give descriptive name (GPIO5 or !RST). Can put “!” In front of the name to indicate active low. Pin will then have an overline.

Set Pin Direction (io, in, out, pwr)

  1. (Optional) Wrench>Direction>pwr>Click on all power and ground pins, etc.

Move pins around to preferred location on symbol

  1. Type “move”> Move pins to desired location around symbol.
  2. Can also move package outline if needed by clicking on a corner or edge.

Center symbol

  1. Type “group”>Click and drag across entire symbol, release
  2. Ctrl-Right-Click and move until “+” is in center of symbol

Add “>Value” & “>Name”

  1. Click Text> Type “>Value” >Select Layer96,  Values
  2. Move “>Value” to bottom of symbol, just below box
  3. Click Text> Type “>Name” >Select Layer95,  Names
  4. Move “>Name” to top of symbol, just above box
  5. Change size: Wrench>Size>…>0.07> Click on both “>Value” and “>Name”

Add Description and Save

  1. Click Blue Description at bottom: “Schematic Component for FT230X.”
  2. File>Save

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