Eagle – Device Creation

Device Creation (Tying symbol and package together)

  1. Control Panel>Expand Libraries>Right-click on desired .lbr>Open
  2. Click on Device Icon on top tool bar> type name of component in New box>Ok>Yes

Add Schematic symbol to Device

  1. Click “Add” button on left hand menu> Choose symbol>Drop on the “+” in the center of the window.

Add Package to Device

  1. In bottom-center, Click on “New”>Find desired package and double-click
  2. If package is not found, may need to copy from another library. See post on Library.

Add Variant Name

  1. This is optional: Only needed if multiple variants are used with the part.
  2. Right click on name under “Package” in center of window>Rename> Change the single quote( “) to SSOP or whatever the package is.

Associate Pads with Pins

  1. On bottom-right, Click “Connect”
  2. Highlight a Pin name>Double click a Pad name
  3. Click “Ok” when all assignments are made.
  4. Should see a green check next to variant when done

Change Ref Des Prefix

  1. In bottom-center, Click Prefix> Type “U” (no quotes)
  2. (Optional) Type “Name” > Click “+” in center of symbol, change G$1 to U1

Set Up Value

  1. On bottom, click button to set Value to “On”
  2. Click Attributes in lower-left window. Then click New. In the name field, type VALUE. In the Value field, type the text you want to appear on your schematic.

Add Description and Save

  1. Click Blue Description at bottom: “The FT230X is a simple USB to serial converter”
  2. File>Save

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